Continuous learning, development and growth are directly connected to personal, career and organizational success. LifePath Psychology’s coaching solutions are designed to engage you in a supportive and dynamic process of honest self-reflection, self-challenge and goal oriented growth to attain positive and sustainable changes. Solutions can be customized to compliment targeted profiling tools/developmental plans as well as personal and organisational development needs.

Our Psychologists are trained in a variety of coaching techniques and use a number of psychometric assessment tools to identify and understand your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Our skilled and experienced life coaches are experienced in helping people maximise their personal potential; as well as develop targeted skills and behaviours necessary for personal, occupational and organisational success. They can help you actualise your personal and professional goals and aspirations. Your life coach will work side by side with you and help you:

  • Visualise and articulate your goals
  • Provide the tools and strategies to reach your goals
  • Identify challenges and pitfalls and overcome them
  • Set milestones
  • Remove any blocks
  • Celebrate your successes.