Workers Compensation & Motor Vehicle Claims

Lifepath Psychology provide psychological counselling to clients under a workers compensation or motor vehicle claim in regards to psychological and emotional wellbeing i.e. depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain and post traumatic stress disorder.

I am on a workers’ compensation claim/motor vehicle claim: Am I eligible for receiving funding through the insurer?
The workers’ compensation system and the motor vehicle claims systems have provisions to pay for medical expenses which include psychological treatment. This may be because the injury itself has been difficult to cope with, or because the reason for the claim is stress-related.


How do I proceed with psychological treatment under the workers’ compensation claim/motor vehicle claim?
Contact our office directly and we will seek permission from the assigned insurer on your behalf.
A referral from your treating General Practitioner is required by the insurer to show that the reason for attending is related to your claim.
A representative of the insurer will give approval to confirm that they agree to fund your sessions.

Workers compensation fee and motor vehicle claim fee are charges at the Workcover/Riskcover rates.

In situations where the insurer has not agreed to provide funding for an open claim, the workers’ compensation fee / motor vehicle claim fee is payable by the client on the day.