Mr Kevin Krish Menon Snr Psychologist (M Psychology, B Psychology)

Mr Kevin Menon has over 20 years of experience in the mental health sector. He is a clinical psychologist and a certified master performance coach, a member of the APS & SPS as well as board member of Asia Pacific Employee Assistance Roundtable.

Kevin’s experience ranges from acute inpatient settings and private practice to the Employee Assistance Industry. He is experienced in working with children, adults and couples.

As an internationally recognised trauma and crises management expert, Kevin has been called upon to provide disaster and critical incident response to terrorist attacks, bombings, suicides, piracy, tanker hijackings, traumatic injury, offshore incidents, sudden death, murder, violent attacks, industrial fires and explosions, natural disasters (flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes etc). 

Kevin also has much experience helping clients one-on-one across a full range of mental health issues, work and life challenges including anxiety, depression, anger management, relationship distress and work conflict. He is a versatile and insightful practitioner who tailors his interventions to a client’s specific needs, resources and life circumstance for maximum impact.


Master of Psychology (Clinical) 2004, Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia.
Bachelor of Psychology 1999, Murdoch University, Perth Australia.
Certificate in Hypnotherapy 2016, Results with NLP, American Board of Hypnotherapy.
Suicide Prevention and Intervention 2001.
Critical Incident and Trauma Management 2004.


Author of Wallem’s WellnessSea Guide